London Van Ban: Can Van Insurance Comparison Help Cut Costs?

Thorough, helpful van insurance comparison sites could help London van drivers lower the costs of driving a van in the big city. Drivers of trucks, minibuses and large vans are already highly taxed when they drive in the city’s low emission zone, but now they will be banned altogether, unless they fork out for a particulate trap for their exhaust pipes. These can cost anything from £1,500 to £2,200.

With so many new costs and charges for London van drivers there are very few areas where van drivers in the capital can make savings. This is where top van insurance comparison sites can help. Although the costs of van driving are rising, you can still make sure you receive an excellent deal by finding low van insurance comparison quotes.

The new restrictions on large vans in London are set to take effect in January 2012 and will stop large vans from entering the low emissions zone. This will make life very difficult for tradesmen who operate in the city centre. Yet traders whose businesses rely on vans may be able to claw some of the expense back by using the best van insurance comparison tools available.

The emission restrictions have been designed to help make London’s air healthier. London air is estimated to contribute to over 4,000 deaths in London every single year. With this in mind, the taxes and restrictions may seem unfair, but are based on good intentions.

By using expert van insurance comparison sites you won’t be able to avoid any nasty London by-laws but you will be able to cut down on the overall cost of owning a van in the big city. Van insurance comparison sites do all the legwork and check out all the deals offered by insurance providers. The best van insurance comparison sites will tailor your policy to your unique vehicle and driving habits.

To help reduce the expense of driving in the city, use our top van insurance comparison tool to help you get the best deal out there. We can’t change the law, but we may be able to change your fortunes yet!

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