Britain’s Drivers Love Their Vans! | Cheap Van Insurance News

In a recent survey carried out by a nationwide vehicle insurer, all the figures point to the fact Britain van drivers have more fun driving around in their vans than they do in their private cars. Well, with the cheap van insurance on offer here at Van Compare, is it really any wonder?

Although the results were close, with 53 per cent preferring to drive their van outside of work rather than their car, we still find it rather surprising that the UK’s drivers prefer to be seen out in their vans.

Part of the reason for this preference was the increased visibility van drivers benefit from. Just under 60 per cent of van drivers admitted to feeling safer in their vans, with the high vantage point providing them with a clearer view of the road ahead. This acknowledgment of the importance of visibility in road safety shows just how far road safety has come and is partly responsible for the number of cheap van insurance policies on offer at the moment.

A third of cheap van insurance customer admitted to using their van on a daily basis for running errands such as picking up the children from school and taking a trip to the supermarket. One particularly interesting statistic revealed that just under 20 per cent of cheap van insurance customers had used their work van to take someone on a first date; who says romance is dead!

The most popular reasons for van drivers preferring their vans to their cars are as follows:

  • They feel more authoritative on the roads
  • Improved visibility increases the feeling of safety
  • There is far more space in a van than a car
  • It doesn’t matter quite so much if it is scratched
  • They like the feeling of being a ‘van driver’

With the assumption amongst many that vans are for work and cars are for play, this survey shows just how much vans are valued by their owners and how extremely practical and fun they can be!

If you enjoy driving your van on the weekends as well as during the week then good luck to you. Just make sure your cheap van insurance policy covers you to do so.

If you’re looking for cheap van insurance quotes then visit Van Compare today. We compare quotes from the UK’s leading insurers to find you comprehensive and cheap van insurance policies.

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