Branding of Business Vehicles; an Advertising Revolution!

A remarkable design, along with your companies’ contact details can do the trick of pulling in new customers. In heavy traffic areas like, central London – there is a prospect of branded vehicles being noticed by more than 3,000 potential customers each hour, as indicated by research published by 3M.

Further, Arbitron's In-Car study claims UK drivers spend an average of 20 hours in the driver's seat each week, which translates to 1,040 hours per year, or a month and a half, per individual. Given that there are 36.7 million enrolled vehicles out on the road in the UK, according to the Department of Transport's 2016 figures, that is an immense number of potential clients. With such a big opportunity for exposure, adding illustrations to fleet trucks or vans can go far toward boosting brand recognition.

The cost per impression for vehicles wrap at 4p per 100 impressions; depending upon your chosen signage solution. In comparison to a radio slot which is likely to cost around £1.20 per 100 impressions and a direct-mail campaign is even costlier at £1.95 per 100 fliers.

For most proprietors of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the ‘pros’ of branding their vehicles essentially exceed the cons. Once persuaded, the following stage is to pick which arrangement works best, as there are various choices.

The message is clear: if your organisation has not effectively joined the vehicle-branding insurgency, it's an ideal opportunity to make a move, or keep on missing out on undiscovered business potential.

In our last article we had explained how to select the correct van for your business, similarly as you go ahead with branding your vehicle you would also need an apt insurance policy. Click here to discover the best policy for you van.

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