Van Compare: Boosting the ego of the white van man

The egos of the UK’s van drivers will soon not fit through their van doors. In another article singing the praises of van insurance customers across the nation, the white van man has come top of a poll to find Britain’s sexiest drivers.

It seems that it is a van insurance customer’s appearance which is more likely to get the pulses of female road users racing, whereas once upon a time it was more likely to be their tailgating.

Van drivers beat other supposedly sexy motorists such as sports car drivers and those who own convertibles to the number one spot, although generalising in this way can of course be dangerous; without naming any names it is important to note that all van drivers are works of art, although the addition of a tool box and a vest does seem to help.

The van manufacturer most likely to get women motorists hot under the collar is the Mercedes. So once again, German efficiency triumphs over the rather more stoic, British LDV.

Bottom of the list were the drivers of classic minis, so not good news for Mr Bean.

This news will be a real for kick in the teeth for those individuals who have recently spent thousands of pounds buying into the myth that men in fast cars always get the girl. It seems that the age of the yuppie has been and gone and now van insurance customers are reaping the rewards.

And what’s sexier than a white van man? A white van man who has saved a fortune on their van insurance and can afford to spend the difference on a romantic meal for two. Compare van insurance prices today and make a great saving!

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