Bigger is not always better: Are you running the right size van?

The size of your van is one of the most important aspects you need to consider when buying a new commercial vehicle. The trouble is, if you get the size you require wrong, you’re going to be paying more than necessary for the entire time you own the van. Too small and you won’t be able to fit everything you need in the back; so what happens then? You make two journeys instead of one, you buy another van? No of course you don’t; you just cram everything in the back, then run the risk of being buried by tools every time you need to get something out. However, go the other way, too big that is, and all your tools are crashing around every time you turn a corner.

Aside from the inconvenience and the extra costs which can be involved, in what other ways will the purchase of an inappropriately sized van impact on the wider world.

Environmental impact

If you are running a van which is too big for your use then you are wasting fuel as a large van will typically do fewer miles to the gallon.

On the other hand, if your van is too small, the fuel consumption will again be increased drastically as the weight of your load will be more than the van is designed to handle.

Health & Safety

If you have a large amount of tools in the back of your van it is going to become increasingly difficult to keep them all secured. Loose tools in the back of a van are always a bad idea, not to mention dangerous.

Our top tips here at Van Compare

  • Van racking is an excellent space saving option whether it’s used inside the van, or as roof bars.
  • Do you need a full steel bulkhead for safety or a folding ladder bulkhead to help carry long loads? Why not use ply-lining to protect the panels.
  • If you are considering downsizing and increasing your fuel economy then make sure the van is still big enough for your regular needs. It is essential to consider the maximum load length and weight you need carry.
  • Alternatively, if you are considering a bigger van, make sure the increased size won’t stop you accessing the sites you visit regularly.

If you are considering upgrading or downsizing you are going to need a new insurance policy. Try Van Compare; we scour the market to bring you cheap van insurance.

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