Be careful of deer’s, dear!

Twice per year, in May-June and October-November, there's a high risk of deer’s running onto the street. October-November is the mating season when deer’s focus on just a single thing, and May-June is the season when youthful deer’s scatter from breeding ranges.

Some facts are:

More than 42,000 deer are run over in a year.

More than 400 drivers are harmed in mishaps with deer.

A deer possesses serious risk in terms of road accidents due to its bigger size.

Let’s try understanding better as to how we can avoid such circumstances or at least know what would be the apt way to act in case of difficult times.

  1. Be extra cautious when you see 'deer' or 'wild animal’ street signs.
  2. A deer can show up in a split second – nature makes them difficult to spot.
  3. Dip your high beam if you spot a deer, or else it might freeze in your way.
  4. It's more secure to proceed on your own path instead of trying to miss or braking hard to avoid hitting a deer.
  5. In the event of deviating from a deer if you hit something else, it will be difficult to prove that the deer at any point existed.
  6. If at all you hit a deer, stop some place safe and asses the damage.
  7. Report the mishap to the police, they'll contact somebody who can help the harmed deer.

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