Batten down the Hatches, Storms are on the Way!

Driving in storms greatly increases your chance of being involved in an accident and having to make a subsequent van insurance claim. Whether it’s due to inexperienced driving on your behalf, the careless actions of anther, or simply a freak event over which you have no control, by taking heed of these tips, we hope your journey will be a safe one.

First things first, prepare properly. Tyre tread should be sufficient, windscreen washer fluid should be refilled, windscreen wipers should be checked to ensure they are in perfect working order and the usual checks such as tyre pressure and oil should take place before even setting foot in your van.

Once you’ve begun your journey, it is important to remember that the roads are at their most dangerous during the first 10 - 30 minutes of rainfall. This is due to the dirt and oil which has been left on the road by other cars. When mixed with rain water a particularly slick surface is created, which can increase stopping distances by up to three times. To increase your chances of avoiding making a van insurance claim, give the vehicle in front plenty of room, take corners particularly slowly, and keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Standing water represents another danger for van insurance customers. Hydroplaning occurs when a loss of steering and control is suffered when a layer of water prevents tyre contact with the road. Vigilant van insurance customers should approach puddles slowly, and if driving in the dark, ensure you are travelling at a speed which allows you to react quickly and safely to unseen standing water.

One seemingly obvious measure you can take to reduce the chance of being involved in a van insurance claim is to turn on your headlights. Storms bring darkness, even in the daytime; however, it is staggering how many road users will neglect to turn on their lights.

If you’re going to be out and about over the next few days, drive carefully and take heed of these warnings. Alternatively, if you’re sat in the warm looking for cheap van insurance claims, you’ve come to the right place. Use our simple comparison tool to search the best priced van insurance from the UK’s leading insurers.

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