A small van with a big heart - van insurance news

Ford’s long running tradition of producing a one-off racy van continues with the new Transit SuperSportVan, which was unveiled at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC in Birmingham. Although the van drew a massive amount of attention, onlookers were understandably dubious about their chances of managing to obtain van insurance on such a beast.

With a lineage dating back to 1971, the new Transit SuperSportVan is the fifth of its kind, after the original Transit Supervan 1, which was the rather frightening combination of a van body placed upon a Ford GT 40 sports racing car; a scary prospect indeed. With a 5-litre V8 and a maximum speed of 150mph, this again proved to be a difficult vehicle on which to obtain van insurance.

The latest in this line of sporty transits has been toned down since the early days, although the 3.2 litre 197 bhp diesel engine is still more than capable of producing some dramatic performance.

The unit is usually found in the largest transit on the market which weighs in at 4.25 tonne. Delivering 356lbft of torque 1700 and 2500 rpm and with a six-speed gearbox, this set in what is a much smaller van will certainly leave you paying over the odds for your van insurance.

Of course the van receives all the usual sporty touches with twin exhausts, alloy wheels, front and rear low spoilers and the all important go faster stripes.

Sadly, those worrying about the van insurance quotes needn’t bother, as the little speedster isn’t set to go on sale. Ford’s Commercial Vehicle Director, Steve Clary, explains: “Transit has a strong reputation for its robustness and practicality. We wanted to show just how far the skill levels of our engineers stretches by having a little bit of fun with it. The SuperSportVan shows just how far you can go with a white Transit van by mixing and matching regular technology in a different way.”

Although sadly this little gem is not for sale, other ford transits are. So if you are looking for Transit van insurance then look no further than Van Compare. We trawl over 20 of the nation’s leading van insurance companies to bring you the cheapest quotes around.

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