You Can Now Rent a Van for the Night Through Airbnb!

Vans are brilliant vehicles for tradespeople who need the most space possible. And if you’re looking for insurance quotes for your beloved, we’re sure you already know this. But have you ever considered using your van for another use?

Some clever van owners have decided to turn their vehicles into holiday accommodation to rent out to guests and make some extra cash. And you could do the same!

Airbnb is known for listing unique holiday accommodation all over the world, but this is unusual even for them. These vans may not have electricity, running water or even a toilet, but what they do provide is prime location overnight accommodation for a fraction of the price of a hotel.

Guests can lay their heads down in a converted van or truck for as little as £15 a night. Bargain! But is it legal? Well, as long as the van is parked legally, then no one is breaking any laws by having people sleep in it.

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