Would You Scrap Your Old Van for a Discount off a New Vehicle?

Back in 2009, the UK government announced the UK vehicle scrappage scheme which encouraged citizens to trade in their old and polluting vehicles to buy a new car or van at a discounted price. £300 million was set aside to replace 300,000 vehicles, and sales increased 26% on the previous year.

Now, eight years on, the government are proposing a similar scheme.

What is the Government Proposing?

The government are proposing a ‘targeted’ scheme to remove older and more polluting vans and cars off UK roads. Currently at draft stage, this would be a component of a wider campaign to reduce nitrogen dioxide levels and improve the UK’s air quality.

A consultation period will run until June 15th 2017 and a finalised plan will be published on the 31st July, however initial suggestions include plans to scrap up to 9,000 diesel and 6,000 petrol vehicles. This is projected to cost the UK £110million.

Would You Scrap Your Van?

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