Would You Enter a Van Driving Competition?

The Freight Transport Association’s (FTA) Van Excellence Driver of the Year has been announced, but who has taken the title home for 2016?

The UK’s Best Van Driver

The accolade has been given to Mathew Young from AAH Pharmaceuticals who has been taking part in the company’s version of the competition since 2000.

Mathew took part in six challenges - driving style, economy, manoeuvring, defect checking, risk awareness and legislation - and fought off stiff competition to eventually be named the best in the country. Not only did he take home the overall highest score, but Mathew also came top for driving style too!

The Swansea-based driver has said:

The whole day was great fun - I enjoyed the challenges and the chance to prove my ability behind the wheel, ”

I think I am conscientious. I like to look out for other road users. It’s something I believe in as a motorist - we all need to share the road and I see no reason to drive differently for work. ”

The company has a big culture for safety and we are expected to uphold the values of the brand wherever we are.”

Why Hold a Contest?

This contest may be a bit of fun that lets drivers bring out their competitive side, but it also encourages skilled and safe drivers too - something we think is a great idea!

Whether you’re a master maneuverer or not, it’s always best to keep your vehicle covered. Compare van insurance quotes online with us.

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