Why Bigger is Better When it Comes to Vans

It seems like these days everyone is telling you to go for smaller, more efficient vehicles all the time. While this may make sense on private vehicles, when it comes to commercial vans it isn’t always the best idea.

Size = Power

Typically, the larger the van the bigger the engine and the more power it dishes out. This is essential if you have to carry heavy goods long distances or need to tackle steep hills. Small vans just don’t have this type of power and can make it very difficult to carry out your daily activities in a practical and easy manner.

Not Always Cost Saving

The biggest argument for having a smaller van is that you benefit from lower running costs. However, this doesn’t take into account the type of driving you’re doing, the size of the loads you are carrying or even the economy figures for the larger van. Many big vans have very similar urban fuel efficiency to small ones, so if the majority of your driving is inner city then you may not be financially better off.

Always Fit Cargo

Statistics have shown that over a third of vans have been driven overloaded. This is largely down to trying to cram too much into a van that’s too small, a common problem with smaller vehicles. When you invest in a larger van then overloading is a problem you no longer have to concern yourself with. Bigger vans mean that you never have to worry about renting a van for a big job - one less thing to worry about!

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