‘White van men’ are no longer Britain’s most hated

Could it be that the vilification of Britain’s white van men is destined to be consigned to the annals of history? Surely there’s no more hated road user in the UK, is there?

Official news hot off the press suggests that white van men have been usurped from what was assumed to be their unassailable top spot. They do still make the top five, but now there is a more despised figure of hate stalking the road users of the UK.

The survey, which canvassed the opinions of over 1,100 road users, asked for people’s views on who they thought were the worst drivers by both profession and make of car. The award in the professions category went to sales executives, who were joined on the ignominious podium by boy racers (not entirely sure that’s a profession) and taxi drivers. Coming in at fourth and fifth respectively were van drivers and school run mums.

The results are of course open to a certain amount of interpretation, as last time we looked, being a boy racer was not a paid job, and just how people knew the driver all over their tail was a sales executive remains unclear.

However, there were few surprises in the make of car category, which saw top honours go to BMW drivers, followed dangerously closely by Audi and Range Rover drivers in second and third place respectively. Meanwhile, flashing their lights manically and ‘forgetting’ to raise their hand in thanks after you have gone out of your way to let them through, were Porsche and Rover drivers, who came in fourth and fifth.

There were few surprises in the results with four of the five makes of car associated with drivers who harbour a certain amount of arrogance and a sense of superiority; however, Rovers are associated with a different type of driver altogether. It seems that despite the fact that production of the Rover stopped years ago, there are still plenty making their way unhurriedly along the roads of the UK.

So does this mean that the standard of white van driving has improved? Maybe this is reflected in the prices of van insurance? Have a look for yourself here at Van Compare.

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