Volkswagen e-Crafter All-Electric Van Coming in 2017

In this year’s IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover, Volkswagen displayed its first concept for the new e-Crafter - a future vehicle which will be powered solely by electricity.

This large panel van is expected to reach customers in early 2017 and interested buyers will be familiar with the van’s appearance, thanks to the interior’s dimensions being identical to existing Crafter diesel models. However, this version will have a battery system mounted underneath its cargo floor, providing 11.3 cubic metres of cargo space that can hold a maximum payload of 1,709kg.

The e-Crafter will offer more than 120miles, but the van’s top speed will be limited to just 50mph. The electric motor will provide 134bhp and 290Nm of torque. Features of the electric van include a Flex-Rack setup, Globelyst shelving system and a ProSafe load-lashing system. As standard, the e-Crafter comes in a special Reef Blue paint and the inside is upholstered in black and blue trim.

Volkswagen hopes that as battery technology improves, as will its van - possibly offering a range of over 250 miles in the next few years.

Would you be interested in investing in this eco-friendly, all-electric trade vehicle? Well, you’ll have to wait a few months. In the meantime, make sure your current vehicle is protected with the correct van insurance. Compare van insurance quotes online here.

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