Virgin Media super hero vans set for launch

Virgin Media aims to be even more F.A.B. in the way they treat their employees, by rewarding their top performing engineers with movie themed vans. The new range of livered vans, which includes the iconic Thunderbird 2, ‘are go’.

The latest vans, which do not travel around the country quite as quickly the vehicles that inspired them, have been introduced to reward and motivate employees and help advertise Virgin’s new range of digital services.

If you’re travelling around the UK then don’t doubt your sanity too much if you are passed by the Ghostbusters Ghoulmobile, the Jurassic Park jeep, the Batmobile, Lighting McQueen from Cars and perhaps most terrifying to see trundle past you on the M4, Optimus Prime, the Autobots leader from the Transformers.

It’s about time the UK’s roads were brightened up a little, and with winter firmly taking hold the otherwise grey and wet days will be lifted momentarily when you see a Herbie themed Virgin van pulling out of a Little Chef.

Mark Palmer, a Virgin Media engineer and proud pilot of his very own Thunderbird 2, said: “I am a huge Thunderbirds fan, so being able to drive around in my very own Thunderbird 2 is a childhood dream come true. I can’t promise I’ll be dressed as Virgil Tracy or that I am the ‘Brains’ behind the Virgin Media operation, but I carry out my job as I best I can. If anyone sees me they should definitely give me a wave”.

Maurice Daw, executive director of access at Virgin Media, added: “We are really excited about the latest additions to our super-fleet as we know how proud our engineers are when they’re driving around in these bespoke vans. Although they won’t be fighting ghosts or worrying about Megatron’s latest malevolent plans, we are confident they will make our customers smile.”

At least van insurance for a van livered as Thunderbird 2 will be cheaper than insuring the real thing!

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