Vans Have More Faults Than Any Other Vehicle

Not only is it a legal requirement, but insuring your van could ensure you stay on the road and save mounds of cash in the long run. Why? Well, new research from AA Vehicle Inspections has found that more faults are found on vans than any other vehicle type.

Study Reveals the Truth About Used Vans

Every month, the AA Vehicle Inspection team runs checks on dealership forecourts around the UK with the aim of improving stock quality. When quizzed recently, 40% of the inspectors said that vans have the most problems. Medium-sized cars were deemed most likely to have issues by 24% of the inspectors and sports cars by 12%.

The study also found that more than half of the inspectors claimed that over a quarter of vehicles they check have illegal or unsafe tyres. And whether petrol or diesel, the vehicles with the most issues have between 100,000 and 149,000 miles on the clock.

David Bruce, Director of AA Vehicle Inspections, said:

“A high number of our inspectors found more faults on vans at dealerships than any other vehicle type.

“Identifying faults and providing feedback before vehicles are sold to customers helps dealers to improve their stock. It shows the value of having a comprehensive inspection carried out on stock, particularly stock that might be susceptible to faults.”

“Not only does the inspection give dealers peace of mind and protection against customers returning a vehicle and asking for their money back, but it should reduce the number of customers returning vehicles, as the dealer has confidence that he is selling vehicles with a clean bill of health.”

Ensure You Don’t Encounter Issues with Van Compare

The AA Vehicle Inspections initiative is testing cars and vans on a regular basis, but should you unwittingly purchase a van or trade vehicle with issues, it’s important to be covered. Compare van insurance quotes with us and ensure your vehicle is insured should it break down.

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