Van insurance claims rise as snow causes mayhem on UK roads

The UK has been hit by what could soon be officially declared the coldest winter for 31 years, causing mayhem on British roads. With more severe weather warnings announced this week, the amount of van insurance claims made due to the unusually harsh weather are expected to rise.

Van drivers are being advised that, if possible, they should avoid driving their van when a weather warning has been announced. Many van drivers use their vehicles for emergency work, so have to drive in all conditions. Here are some tips on how to try and avoid an accident and therefore a van insurance claim:

  • Try to stick to main roads and not side streets, as these are the first to be gritted
  • Take time to completely de-frost your van
  • Check your anti freeze levels
  • Leave extra space between your van and the vehicle in front
  • On hills, stick to low gears
  • Accelerate slowly
  • Brake gently

With the number of accidents dramatically increasing in the ice and snow it is important to know what cover your van insurance policy provides. If you have fully comprehensive cover then a lot of van insurance companies will cover you if you skid in the snow, however if someone skids into you but does not leave their details, then you may lose your no claims bonus.

Unfortunately even the safest, most cautious drivers can be caught out by these perilous driving conditions, so make sure that your van insurance covers you for all eventualities. The team of independent van insurance brokers at Van Compare are happy to run through your policy with you and advise on the levels of cover and alternative options available to you.

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