Van drivers more susceptible to motoring convictions

Recent research conducted by the AA motoring organisation into the behaviours of different groups of drivers has shown that van drivers are more than twice as likely as car drivers to receive a motoring conviction.

The research shows that in the past five years, 15 per cent of van drivers have had their license endorsed with penalty points, compared to only seven per cent of car drivers.

Reading between the lines of the research, it seems that the pressures of their jobs rather than poor driving per se could be the root cause for this increase in convictions. Many van drivers are owners of small businesses, and as such they face pressure to inform their customers of their progress and schedule.

This can be evidenced by the fact that van drivers were six times more likely to have been caught using a mobile phone whilst behind the wheel, compared with 2.4 per cent committing this offence compared to just 0.4 per cent of car drivers.

A spokesman for the AA, Simon Douglas, said: “Van drivers are clearly being stung for it. Not only will they have to pay their fines and risk losing their licence. They will also have to pay increased van insurance premiums too.”

There is a risk that the research is slightly leading. Whilst speeding offences are usually recorded by a roadside camera, convictions for mobile phone usage usually results from police officers witnessing the event. This is more likely to occur in a congested urban environment such as city centres, where van drivers are likely to be travelling from job to job.

Despite the fact that the penalty for both offences is the same: a £60 fine and three points, the insurance companies usually increase the premiums of those caught using their mobile phones by more.

The research shows that on average, offenders can expect their van insurance premiums to rise by 9.3 per cent for a single speeding offence and a rather more imposing 18.5 per cent for those convicted of using a mobile phone.

This rise is based on insurance company statistics, which shows that the chances of a collision occurring are doubled for drivers who are on their phones.

If you’ve been subject to a driving conviction then it’s even more important that you’re not paying more for your van insurance than you need to, which is exactly where Van Compare can help.

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