Autonomous Braking Helps Lower Insurance Costs for the Volkswagen Crafter

Innovation is often a great way of making life easier, however the latest developments from Volkswagen are also making people safer and saving them money too.

Volkswagen: Pioneering Safety and Lowering Premiums

Thanks to advanced autonomous emergency braking (AEB) systems being fitted on all models of the new Volkswagen Crafter - in the first instance of a commercial vehicle brand to fit all its vans with AEB - the vehicle will now lower four insurance group levels.

At the end of July, the Crafter was tested by Thatcham Research, and performed successfully at variable speeds which has seen the starting group lower to 34.

Peter Shaw, Chief Executive at Thatcham Research, said:

"Volkswagen is a trailblazer and should be applauded for being the first manufacturer to fit AEB as standard on all its vans in the UK. The truth is that we are seeing a year on year rise in deaths and serious injuries involving vans which this technology can help to avoid."

Put a Halt on Increasing Premiums

Purchasing a new Volkswagen Crafter could make you safer on the roads, however not everyone has this luxury. Either way, ensure your vehicle is protected with comprehensive cover. Get van insurance quotes online today.

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