UPS Set New Environmentally Friendly Company Goals

In the last financial year, UPS spent nearly $3.9 billion in 2014 on gasoline for its transportation fleet operating around the world. This is a huge chunk of cash and is a necessity for the company, however UPS have announced that they want to cut this cost and be more environmentally friendly.

Changing Van Technology

One of the areas that UPS discovered that they can have the biggest impact is by updating the technology in their vans to be more environmentally friendly. They are doing this by marrying a small inner combustion engine to a lithium ion battery to create a hybrid vehicle that will provide 50 to 60 miles a day of clean energy.

The company is currently putting this into experimentation with plans to roll this, or another alternative fuel vehicle, out before 2020. Depending on the result seen, this measure could be applied to up to 30% of their entire transport fleet, drastically cutting emissions and potentially saving the logistics company millions.

Alternative Benefits

Apart from saving money and helping the environment, this is a move that shows that the company is happy to push boundaries and invest in their fleet. This is great from a PR point of view and is likely to bring a lot of attention to the company, helping them gain even more business and create a name for themselves as an environmentally aware company.

Even small, local businesses can massively benefit from using hybrid or green vehicles, both in terms of the perception this has with the public and the money you can save on running costs.

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