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UK van drivers favour the Mercedes Vito and Volkswagen Transporter

Over two thirds of UK van drivers would choose to drive just two models of van, a recent survey shows. After looking at the chosen vehicle of 1200 van drivers, a van insurance provider found that of all the vans available, van drivers preferred the Mercedes Vito and the Volkswagen Transporter.

Surprisingly, the Ford Transit, which many believe to be synonymous with the van driver, took third place with only 17% of the votes.

When asked what van they would drive if cost was not an issue, the top 5 commercial vehicles were shown to be:

  1. Mercedes Vito = 37.4%
  2. Volkswagen Transporter = 34.6%
  3. Ford Transit = 17%
  4. Toyota Hiace = 6.6%
  5. 2010 Chevy Express = 4.4%

A spokesperson for Van Compare, the van insurance comparison site, commented: “Whilst this research shows that van drivers would favour the Mercedes Vito and Volkswagen Transporter, it is important that they factor in the cost of van insurance when deciding on a new commercial vehicle. At Van Compare, van insurance quotes can be generated for each of these vans, plus all other makes and models available in the UK, so van drivers can make an informed choice”.

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