The most valuable telemetric data for van operators

In a bid to reduce running costs and boost the operational efficiency of their vehicles, fleet managers are increasingly turning to telemetry systems as a method of managing their vehicles in a more intelligent way.

Recent research which canvassed 20 of the UK’s leading independent business fleet managers has added insight into the key drivers which can effectively increase operational efficiency. Whilst all the data collated by the telemetry plays a part in reducing running costs, accurate business mileage capture and cost reduction tools emerged as the most influential data in the drive for operational efficiency.

The top telemetry data needs of operators in the UK are ranked below:

  1. Accurate business mileage capture
  2. Cost reduction tools
  3. Management of duty of care responsibilities
  4. Efficiency improvements
  5. Accident detection with forensic analysis

Whilst it will come as little surprise that cost reduction measures were the most important requirements for fleet managers, more advanced features such as detailed post-incident forensics and real-time remote vehicle diagnostics and e-scheduling options are gaining in their importance.

With fleet managers now more accustomed to telemetric systems and how the data captured can be used to improve their efficiencies, operators are now starting to use their foresight to think ahead and use the information in more insightful and interesting ways. For this reason telemetry is featuring heavily in many fleet managers’ plans for the year ahead.

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