The Vanguard of Mercedes’ Future: What Will it be Like?

This week at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hannover, Mercedes provided insights into what it felt would be the ‘vanguard of Mercedes’ future’. And it appears this is an autonomous, electric van with no steering wheel and drones on the roof.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision Van’s Spec

Named the ‘Vision Van’ this space-age trade vehicle would have an all-electric drivetrain and a modular loading system that slots seamlessly into the back. For deliveries, parcels would be pre-loaded, and programmed drone technology would deliver them right to the front door of its intended recipient. The cargo bed would even be autonomous for speedy loading.

The Vision Van would use a battery and a 75kW, 270Nm motor which would provide a top speed of 80mph and a delivery range of 270km. It would drive itself, but would include a joystick for the passenger to control braking, accelerating and steering if they felt the need to.

Would You Purchase a Mercedes-Benz Vision Van?

The Vision Van is a long way off, but Mercedes strongly believes that this is the future of commercial vehicles. What do you think?

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