The Latest Innovation: A Self-Driving Truck with No Space for People

Over the last year or so, there has been a lot of talk in the industry of self-driving vehicles and even vans with drone-like courier possibilities. These vans would do all the hard work for its passengers, allowing them to spend time on other tasks.

However, the latest innovation could mean there would be no need for passengers at all - the machines would completely take over.

Autonomous Trucks with no Passengers

Einride, a Swedish firm, has recently revealed its vision for a new self-driving lorry that only carries freight. The vehicle will have no room for people and therefore maximise on its load capabilities.

A ‘T-Pod’ prototype will begin testing this year and the company hopes to have a fleet driving on roads by 2020.

So, what would this vehicle be like? Well, the T-Pod has a 200kWh battery pack with a 124mile range on a single charge. It’ll be 7m in length and will be able to carry 15 standard-sized pallets and up to 20 tonnes in weight.

Bigger than a van, but smaller than a lorry, do you think this Swedish invention will be the future of electric and autonomous commercial vehicles?

We’re yet to be convinced, so, in the meantime, we’ll stick with our classic vans. Whatever van you drive, make sure you have competitive van insurance by comparing online today.

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