The 200 Volkswagen Van Roll-Out

In a new agreement with North Lanarkshire Council, Volkswagen has secured a deal to provide the 224 commercial vehicles...supplying nearly 45% of the council’s 500-strong fleet of vans.

How did they do it?

According to the manufacturer, “past experience and an excellent reputation” were key in securing the deal. In addition to this, the procurement team from the council considered the “excellent reliability, service and whole life costs” when choosing the fleet partner.

Kenneth Wilson, head of land services at North Lanarkshire Council, said: “We needed to replace a significant proportion of our van fleet in line with our vehicle replacement programme, and I’m pleased to say that Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has been successful in winning the majority of the business.

“What tipped the balance in their favour is the fact that their products are so flexible in terms of allowing us to customise them to meet our needs.

“Similarly, they have extremely strong residual values compared to the rest of the market, which mean the vans are very good value for us.

Alastair Hemmings, national fleet manager at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles UK, added:

“We are delighted that North Lanarkshire Council has decided to convert nearly half of its fleet to Volkswagen after trialling a small number of our vans.

“The power of our residual values means we are highly competitive and able to offer our customers outstanding value for money.”

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