Samsung Introduce ’Transparent‘ Trucks

There are constant innovations being introduced to the motoring world, but one of the most impressive thing to hit our roads has been launched by Korean technology giants, Samsung.

They‘ve taken the issue of dangerous overtaking of lorries and come up with a simple yet effective solution - fit a camera to the front and a video screen to the back and provide live footage.

This simple contraption allows drivers behind the lorry a clear view of the road ahead - therefore allowing them to see whether or not it is safe to overtake at that stage.

Only a Trial Scheme at the Moment

“Transparent trucks” are only on trial in Argentina at the moment as this is a country that sees a huge amount of head-on collisions as the result of drivers overtaking slow-moving lorries. However, this is a relatively simple technology so it probably won‘t be long until we see this taken up by other companies and introduced to a wider range of countries.

By introducing this new innovation, the amount of incidents, collisions and near misses could potentially hit rock bottom. If this is the case then there could be many insurance and government incentives to push this technology out further.

More to Come

Samsung are just one of many companies at the moment who are looking for ways to bring technology and motoring together. There are even more innovative products that will be introduced over the next couple of years - these will bring on huge changes to the industry for both manufactures and drivers alike.

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