Revolutionary London cab is unveiled

The future of London transport is set to change with the unveiling of the Nissan NV200, providing a vision of the next generation of London taxi cab.

Nissan’s offering has already received major backing, having recently been chosen as New York’s ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’. The NV200 is also currently on trial in Tokyo.

The traditional London black cab will be sorely missed by many, but with Nissan’s adapted van providing such an efficient alternative, it may be time to kiss the popular British icon goodbye.

The design of the new taxi is based closely on Nissan’s NV200 van, with a number of adaptations to ensure increased efficiency and accessibility as well as reduced CO2 emissions.

In terms of its performance, the NV200 London cab will boast a 1.5-litre engine, producing 88bhp. One of the main advantages over the existing TX4 London cab is the reduction in CO2 emissions, down to 138 compared to 209 from the most fuel efficient TX4.

Not only are fuel emissions down, the new taxis are also up to 50 per cent more fuel efficient than the current black cabs, recording 53.3mpg on the combined cycle, compared to just 25.3mpg for the TX4.

The NV200 also complies with all Transport for London regulations for taxis, including a reduced 25-foot turning circle, making it more manoeuvrable in the capital’s congestion.

Nissan’s young pretender also offers advantages over the long-established black cab in terms of accessibility. The vans sliding doors will make life easier for disabled passengers, who will not have to wait for specially adapted vehicles.

Along with the reduced running costs of NV200, the price tag of the diesel version of the van will also be less than the current TX4 cabs, ensuring a cost effective alternative for London’s cabbies.

Van insurance companies will be happy to hear that the Nissan is to undergo comprehensive crash testing before being certified for use as a London taxi later on in the year.

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