Research Finds Customers Judge a Tradesman By His Van

From a young age, our elders drum into us not to judge a book by its cover or to make rash decisions. But, according to leasing firm Vanarama, many people do just that.

Judging a Tradesman by His Van

Your trade vehicle is an essential marketing tool for your business and simply driving it around can be a handy way to drum up interest in your services. However, new research reveals the condition of your work van is likely to influence whether you get a job or not.

A well-maintained, cared-for van is a reflection of the driver’s work. It’ll therefore make a good impression and give the customer confidence that you will be meticulous at your job. 51% of people surveyed said they would worry about a tradesman’s work if they couldn’t afford to drive a decent trade vehicle. Whereas 39% said they would be concerned about a tradesperson’s reliability if they had a poorly kept van.

Andy Alderson, Managing Director of Vanarama, said:

“From both our own experience of using tradesmen, as well as hearing anecdotal feedback from our customers, we instinctively knew that a van in poor condition could create the wrong impression about a tradesman, potentially impacting the amount of work received, the price charged and ultimately their business reputation. ”

“Our recent research of consumer perceptions not only confirmed this but crystallised just how important a tradesman’s vehicle is in winning new customers.”

New or Old: Insure You Get a Great Deal!

Whether you’re now rethinking your first impression or you’re happy to say your trade vehicle is in good condition, you’ll need it insured. Compare van insurance quotes online here.

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