Renault Twizy creates a spark amongst commercial customers

The French manufacturer Renault has added to its long line of commercial and private vehicles with the addition of the diminutive new Twizy.

Renault is hoping its recently launched electrically powered Twizy Cargo will appeal to the environmentally conscious white van man, having swapped its rear seats for additional boot space.

One of the major selling points for Renault is that, as the Twizy Cargo is created from a car and has fully recoverable VAT, it costs £650 less than the standard model, making this perfect little delivery vehicle just £6,241. As an extra incentive, the VAT can also be reclaimed on battery hire, which starts at just £36 per month.

In terms of the all important matter of storage, the Twizy has a 180 litre capacity with a weight limit of 75 kilos, which is accessible through a large lockable door. The Twizy Cargo is expected to hold particular appeal for companies offering callout and support services, offering a nimble, economic and practical solution to the requirements of the job. The boot also provides a secure space to accommodate a set of tools.

One of the primary problems with electric vehicles is their limited range. The Twizy is good for a real-world range of 50 miles, although this can be topped up when it reaches its destination using a simple three-pin plug. The economy of the Twizy is undisputed, as a full charge, which takes three and a half hours, costs just £1.

With green issues increasingly at the fore of businesses’ minds, the Twizy provides the perfect solution for companies looking to promote their green credentials, particularly in a congested, urban environment. Not only is the Twizy exempt from the London Congestion Charge, it also benefits from extremely low running and charging costs.

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