Renault Are Releasing Off-Road Vans!

If you work in the countryside or are required to travel to jobs in remote locations, you’ll love the latest announcement from Renault - the company is releasing off-road versions of some of its most popular van ranges!

What Vans Will Become Off-Roaders?

Renault has announced that two new traction technology options will be made available for the Kangoo, Trafic and Master ranges. These new flexible variants, named the X-track and 4x4 technology, will be available within Europe very soon.

What Will The New Off-Roaders Be Like?

The X-track is designed with a 4x2 transmission with limited slip differential for higher traction performance on difficult terrain. It will also come with the option to include a metal underbody for added protection and a sump guard as extra. The Kangoo and Trafic models will have a raised ground clearance of 30cm, and the Master by 40cm.

The X-track will be available in the UK from September, but the 4x4 release won’t be until April 2017. Aimed at the Master range, the 4x4 technology will allow drivers to alternate between 4x4 and 4x2 transmissions depending on conditions.

It will be available for van and chassis cab versions, in single and twin cabin choices. Engine options for these vehicles will range from 92kW to 120kW, all of which powered by a six-speed manual gearbox and GVW 3.5 or 4 tonnes.

The van will be available in 3,682mm and 4,332mm wheelbases, with single or twin rear wheels.

Would You Like an Off-Road Trade Van?

Renault claim these vans are designers with farmers, and construction workers in mind, but what do you think? Would you like to trade in your van for one of these off-road upgrades?

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