Reduce fuel costs with smart shelving solutions

Smart van shelving solutions which are ergonomic in design can help to make the most of your available space by providing a simple method of carrying and storing your tools and equipment. Perhaps most importantly, they can even reduce your fuel costs.

A shelving system which is built into the van can remove the need for additional space, and as such, can negate the need for a larger commercial vehicle, making a small or mid-sized van sufficient for your needs. It is estimated that the use of a smaller van could reduce the costs of van operators by up to £2,200 a year.

One company specialising in the manufacture of ergonomic shelving solutions is Bott, which has recently developed its SMARTVAN range to help vehicle operators make more of their available space.

The new system is designed to use space in vans which might otherwise be wasted, whilst providing shelving solutions which are lightweight to ensure the load capacity of smaller vehicles is not compromised.

Each racking system has been custom built to suit particular vehicle variants and will soon be available for 15 different models, including the new Ford Transit Connect. As each shelving system has been designed with a particular van in mind, fitting will only take an hour and drilling is not required.

The features of this innovative new shelving system include:

  • An online design and order system
  • One hour fitting time
  • A three-year warranty
  • Fully crash tested
  • Custom designed for use with specific vehicles

The key benefits of the new shelving system centre on the ability to turn wasted space into usable carrying capacity, leaving plenty of room for carrying other objects on an ad-hoc basis, or travelling with a substantially reduced load.

Not only can the increased efficiency of customised racking help to increase time efficiency and reduce the time it takes to load and unload the van, it can also the reduce fuel costs associated with running your van.

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