Police officer in hot water over van sticker debacle

A Metropolitan police officer has found himself in hot water after a sticker used for marketing purposes was placed on another force’s van.

The sticker, which reads, ‘I’ve met the Met’, was placed on a police van from Wales which was down in the London area helping with the security for the Olympics.

As a result of his actions, the mischievous plod was subject to ‘management action’, as well as being referred to the Directorate of Professional Standards, which does seem a little bit harsh for what was in all intents and purposes a harmless if slightly daft prank.

Official word from the Met is that: “The Directorate of Professional Standards made enquiries regarding an allegation that a sticker saying, ‘I’ve met the Met’ was placed on a mutual aid vehicle from Wales.

“The matter has been dealt with and the officer involved has received management action.

“This was not a criminal matter and the DPS are no longer involved.”

A complaint was made by an officer from the north Wales constabulary who was attached to the vehicle, despite it being a long standing ‘joke’ between police forces to place Met stickers on vehicles from other forces.

Perhaps understandably, upon hearing that a misconduct investigation had been launched by the DPS regarding the incident, the Metropolitan Police Federation described the reaction as “heavy handed”.

The chairman of the police federation, John Tully, commented that he was unaware of the precise circumstances surrounding the investigation, but did say that, “to conduct a full-blown inquiry would appear to be over the top and a bit of a sledgehammer to crack a nut.”

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