Picking the Perfect Van Accessories for 2016

When it comes to equipping your van, some accessories are better than others. If you’re looking to ensure that you van is well prepared for the hardships you’ll ask from it then here are just a few of the things you need to have:

Storage Boxes

You want to keep your tools safe and organised? A storage box can do just that, what’s more it’ll remove the need to take your tools out of your van every night. Make sure that you buy a storage box that can be fixed to your van and that is sold Gold Secure to ensure that it isn’t easily broken into.

Roof Racks

Sometimes there just isn’t enough space in the back of your van to keep everything. Roof racks are brilliant here as they allow you to maximise space by utilizing the roof of your vehicle. This makes it so much easier to hold pipes, ladders, scaffolding and other long building supplies that won’t fit in the van.

Seat Covers

Nothing makes your van feel worn out as quickly as torn seats. By putting some heavy-duty seat covers over your existing seats you can help to extend the life of your van. While this may not be hugely beneficial for your day to day work, it can help maintain resale value and will mean that you’re happier sitting in your van every day.

Safe T Bar

This simple attachment will help to provide you with a little extra protection for your vehicle as well as providing an easy-to-use step for your vehicle. It’s amazing, but this simple bar can drastically reduce maintenance and repair costs from accidentally reversing into objects.

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