Nissan Launches Five Year Van Warranty

As manufacturers are making more and more reliable vehicles, many of them are starting to extend their warranty to give their customers that little bit of extra security.

One of the latest companies to jump on the longer warranty is Nissan, who now offer a five year or 100,000 mile LCV warranty for their petrol and diesel trucks and vans.

Nissan’s Five Year Warranty

From September 1st 2015, all Nissan vans and trucks will benefit from this long warranty. This will cover the vehicles for a range of issues, including:

  • Components
  • Chassis elements
  • Powertrain
  • Battery
  • Paintwork

Both the NT500and the NT400 Cabstar are covered by a six year, unlimited mileage corrosion warranty, with this increasing to 12 years on the NV200, NV400 and Navara models.

Customers will also be given the option to extend their warranty, at a cost, beyond this period of either time or distance. This remains the manufacturer warranty and offers all of the same benefits.

Benefits of Long Warranty

Having a longer warranty means that you won’t have to pay out for any major repair work within this period. This can save you hundreds, potentially thousands, in garage bills if anything does happen to go wrong with your vehicle.

Additionally, having a longer warranty can make it much easier to sell on your van. For example, if you buy new and wish to change vehicles after three years then you will still have two years under manufacturer’s warranty - this makes it far more appealing to potential buyers and helps to keep the value.

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