New Van CCTV Can Cut Insurance Costs

Insurance is a huge part of driving. Not having it is illegal and irresponsible, which means that everyone tries their best to find the lowest premiums possible. One of the best ways to reduce your premium is to install equipment and protection measures that reduce the chance of theft or damage occurring to your vehicle. One of the latest measures in security is CCTV, here is why it can lower your premium:

Proving Fault

Often in the case of accidents, it is one driver’s word against the other. While there is always evidence in the damage to the vehicles, it can be a long and drawn-out process to determine fault through this method. However, if you have a camera installed on your van you have a completely accurate and independent witness that can prove your case. This is automatic evidence to prove fault and therefore satisfy your insurance company’s requests and protect against inflated insurance premiums.

CCTV footage can easily show issues like aggressive driving, prevent fraudulent claims, display poor driving behaviour and even deter theft. This not only records third-party incidents, but if you run a fleet then you can also monitor your driver’s behaviour and ensure that they are in-keeping with company policy.

More than Just Security

By having cameras that provide a great range of angles around the vehicle, drivers can use these as parking cameras and to judge spaces when in tight situations. This is perfect for businesses who operate largely in city areas and can help prevent scratches and bumps which can be costly to repair.

Many of these modern systems also include location and vehicle dynamics, such as the speed, location, driving style and impact of force on collision. Crashes aside, this is very useful for ensuring that your drivers are obeying the laws of the road and not giving your company a bad name through poor driving. From this you can pull drivers up for disciplinary action or reward them for excellent driving.

Lower Premiums

At van compare we do our very best in order to bring you the lowest insurance premiums for specialist van insurance. However, only you have the power to drastically drop the amount through making the changes to your vehicle. Make sure that you declare any extra security features you have installed when you compare insurances in order to get the lowest possible quote.

More ways to reduce your insurance premiums would be installing more advanced locking mechanisms and ensuring that the vehicle is equipped with an immobiliser and alarm. These will help to protect against theft whereas a CCTV system can also act as an impartial witness in the event of an accident.

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