New Tool to Help Your Choose the Right Van

It’s the dilemma we all come up against when it’s time to upgrade your vehicle - what van matches your needs? For thousands of van drivers the answer is simply replacing your old van with the newer model or possibly finding the next largest or smallest model in the range. But is that what you really need? The problem truly lies in all the technical little details. You need to be thinking about things like fuel efficiency, load capacity and most importantly - running cost!

Arval realised that this is a huge issue for many individuals and companies and created a handy tool called the Light Commercial Vehicle Specifier (LCVS). Here’s how it works and can help you:

Light Commercial Vehicle Specifier

What does it do? By simply sliding a scale along a bar you can narrow down your choice of van based on load length, load width and maximum payload capacity. This will return every light commercial vehicle on the market that matches these specifications, making it brilliant for comparing all the vans that are suitable for your needs in one place.

There is nothing out there at the moment that even comes close to being able to provide this type of information. The nearest thing you will find is the ability to narrow down different vans based on the length of the wheelbase, but by being able to choose load values you may find vans that you previously didn’t think were options.

Saving Money and Time

This is the real clincher for this tool. Like most comparison sites, the LCVS can save you hours and even days of research, decision making and shortlisting. Another huge advantage is that it allows you to quickly compare dimensions, weight allowances and the vehicle’s average fuel efficiency all within your chosen dimensions - letting you be inch perfect! If you’re a busy fleet manager or even if you’re a sole trader this model can help you to pick the perfect van without having to do too much in-depth research.

Pick a Van that’s Best for You

After putting in all the relevant information and getting given a very handy list of vans to choose from, you need to take your time here and pick a van that is perfectly suited to your needs. What is most important to you - load size, weight capacity or running costs? This tool lays out all the information you could possibly require in a simple format that is very easy and quick to use.

This means that you are able to make important choices very quickly as all the important information which could sway your decision are available right there in front of you.

If you want to know what insurance is best for you then check out Van Compare! We can assist you in finding the perfect van insurance, continuing to help save you time and money when getting a new van.

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