New Licence Rules Make Choosing Electric Easier

If you're keen to go eco and invest in an electric van, but have previously been held back by driving licence restrictions, you may be in luck.

Changes to UK Licence Weight Allowances

Cleaner vans are good for the environment; however, they tend to be heavier than traditional vans due to the batteries they must carry. As a result, this reduces the load size and van drivers are required to upgrade and apply for a category C licence which can cost more money and require medical reports.

In response, the UK government has announced that it will be making changes to weight limits to make it easier for van drivers to make the switch from diesel. Soon, owners of an ordinary category B car licence will be able drive electric, natural gas, LPG or hydrogen vans weighing up to 4,250kg - 750kg more than the current limit.

Transport Minister Jesse Norman said:

"Vans have become essential to our economy and are vital for our builders, small businesses and delivery drivers. We have more of them on our roads than ever before. That's a good sign for the economy, but our challenge is to try to tackle their impact on air quality.

"We want to make it easier for businesses to opt for cleaner vehicles, and these proposals are designed to do just that."

Ensure You're Covered, Whatever Your Fuel

Whether you drive a diesel works van or are considering investing in a new electric alternative now the licencing rules are changing, you'll need insurance. Compare and save on van insurance online with us.

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