Nearly 40% of Van Drivers Don’t Brand Their Vans

Despite offering free advertising and giving your van a unique appearance, 40% of van drivers prefer not to put any sort of branding on their vehicle. While this means that the majority are more than happy to promote their business and any memberships with trade associations etc., a large chunk prefer to stay anonymous.

Reasons not to Brand

The reasons that many of these businesses choose to not brand their vehicles are extremely varied. Two of the most popular reasons are:

  • They have more than enough work. 40% of businesses who don’t brand their vehicle say that they already have enough work and additional advertising would simply be counterproductive.
  • Avoid being targeted by thieves. Around 25% of the participants claimed they didn’t brand their vans in order to keep their tools and materials away from the attention of thieves.

This survey, conducted by the ECIS, was taken by 200 tradespeople and highlighted the risk that workers face every day from having their tools stolen. Surprisingly, many businesses are so worried about being targeted by thieves and the damage that this would cause that they are missing out on opportunities in order to offer greater protection.

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