Michelin release new tyres for light commercial vehicles

With European labelling legislation set to change on 1 November, the tyre giant Michelin has launched a new tyre specifically designed for light commercial vehicles, which will excel at the three new sales criteria.

The new point of sale labelling aims to help customers make more informed purchasing decisions, with a focus on the three following criteria:

  • Fuel efficiency (rolling resistance)
  • Wet grip
  • External rolling noise

The new criteria are to be introduced as a method of improving the safety as well as the environmental and economic efficiency of commercial transport.

The new tyre, named the Agilis+, has been released amidst much hype from Michelin, who claim the tyre outperforms rival brands on dry roads and in terms of longevity, which are not performance criteria included on the new labelling. Michelin have pre-empted the European legislation and have been affixing the new labels to their Agilis+ tyres since 1 July.

In terms of the tyre’s rating, the Agilis+ is graded C (on a scale of A-G) for fuel economy and B for wet braking, whilst emitting 70dB of pass-by noise, two less dB than the future noise limit light commercial vehicles will have to adhere to by the year 2016.

In terms of how the above ratings will affect the tyre’s performance in real terms, the Agilis+ will save drivers a total of 270 litres of fuel over 60,000km when compared with a vehicle using tyres which only meet minimum requirements. In comparison with the same tyres, Michelin’s new offering will also cut braking distances in wet conditions by 17 metres.

The new labelling system will be reviewed in 2015, at which time Michelin will doubtless be pressing for tyre longevity and performance in dry conditions to be added to the criteria.

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