Mercedes Roll Out Rescue Assist Stickers

In an innovative new programme, Mercedes-Benz have rolled out the Rescue Assist Sticker, which incorporates a QR code that can be read with a smartphone or tablet.

This code opens up a ‘digital rescue card’ that brings up a wealth of information about the vital vehicle components, including location of:

  • Fuel tanks
  • Airbags
  • Electric cables

Having this information to hand will enable the emergency services to make a faster, safer rescue and works to minimise the risks for all parties. On average, it is predicted that this technology will help to save around 2 minutes of precious time during crisis situations. There have also been precautions put in place in case there is no mobile internet connection available with a free app that brings up the rescue cards offline from the device’s memory.

These cards will be included on any Mercedes-Benz purchased in the UK from August 2015 onwards and can be retrofitted to any Mercedes van built since 1996, free of charge. Emergency services across the UK will be prepped to look for and effectively use the Rescue Assist codes, making driving a Mercedes van even safer even when you’re already in an unsafe situation!

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