London is a UK Hotspot for Uninsured Drivers

A study by insurance firm Churchill has found that five of the ten areas with the highest percentage of uninsured drivers can be found in London. Around 216,000 of the 3.9 million cars on the capital’s roads are uninsured.

The average across the whole of the UK was just 4.5%, however in East London the figure was three times this at 13.4% of all drivers.

The UK’s top 10 uninsured vehicle hotspots are:

  1. East London - 13.4%
  2. North London - 9.3%
  3. South East London - 9.1%
  4. Liverpool - 7.9%
  5. Bradford - 7.6%
  6. Manchester - 7.4%
  7. North West London - 7.4%
  8. Oldham - 7.2%
  9. Ilford - 7.1%
  10. Eastern Central London - 6.6%

Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all fared well in comparison with their English neighbour with percentages of cars that are uninsured found to be 2.3%, 1.4% and 2.9% respectively. However, when looking at the chance of a vehicle involved in an accident being uninsured, the odds were best in the South West (1 in 73) and Scotland (1 in 71).

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