Keyless Entry Targeted by Thieves

Police are warning the operators of commercial fleets around the UK about the threat of theft on vehicles with ‘keyless entry’. These systems are being targeted by professional thieves to steal commercial vehicles using advanced technology.

Vans that are most affected by this include the Ford Transit, Ford Transit Connect and Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. The risk is nationwide rather than localised, however London has been named as the worst affected areas.

This technology, while useful, is a major weakspot for commercial vehicles - which often carry thousands of pounds worth of goods and tools. Criminals are able to bypass manufacturers’ security software using legitimate equipment that’s readily available to anybody.

Manufacturers are currently working with the police in order to find a solution to this issue, however many fleet owners are already upgrading their vehicles with anti-theft devices. This could potentially be an expensive investment, however compared to the costs and loss of business associated with the theft of a vehicle it’s a reasonable price to pay.

While many fleets may be deterred from using vehicles with keyless entry, there is a benefit to this type of theft and that’s the minimum damage that is done to the vehicle. Heavy security vehicles are often broken into and due to the nature of their security there can be very expensive damage done to the van itself. A determined thief will get into a van one way or another, which is why it always pays off to have the best insurance detail on your vehicle.

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