Is leasing van graphics worth the savings?

As more and more companies are leasing, rather than buying their vans, it makes sense that they are on the lookout for further savings to be made. One of the suggestions that is often made is whether companies should still pay for traditional vinyl graphics or whether they should simply lease an alternative way of branding.

This is an interesting concept, as many leasing companies will refuse to allow you to brand the vehicles or will charge extra for these graphics to be applied prior to the lease period. However, there are very few options available to fleet operators when it comes to branding vehicles.

Magnets could provide a solution, with large sheet magnets - similar to those found on a fridge - being used to print the branding which is then stuck to the side of the vehicle. There are obvious issues with this, including theft, although it does not damage the vehicle and can be easily removed.

Having a system like this in place would mean that you are not simply paying to have graphics on vans that you will not keep, but rather are investing in signage that can be easily transferred between vehicles - provided of course that they are of similar size.

Whether or not this will be cheaper will depend largely on suppliers and local pricing, however it is definitely something for fleet managers to think about before paying to brand leased vans.

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