How to Reduce the Ongoing Costs of Your Van

Let’s face it, we all want to spend as little money as possible in order to maximise business profits. And with a few simple changes to your commercial vehicle, you could free up some much-needed cash.

Invest in a Satnav

Whether you purchase a Tomtom or use the GPS on your smartphone, using satellite navigation can ensure you arrive at your destination in the quickest time possible. It will also notify you of any traffic, detours and, in some cases, where speed cameras are.

With the shortest and quickest route from A to B, you’ll use as little fuel as possible, meaning you’ll save money by not visiting the pump so often.

Improve Your Driving

It may sound strange, but improving your driving could actually save you money. Don’t believe us? Check out the following facts:

  • High revs and slow gear changes can harm your engine
  • Harsh acceleration may wear out your clutch quickly
  • Sharp turns around corners can wear suspension and steering components
  • Breaking sharply can wear down tyres and brake pads

Compare Insurance Quotes Online

Of course, a great way of ensuring you’re saving as much dosh as possible is to compare insurance quotes online. Make sure you get the best deal possible and keep annual costs down by comparing with us.

Compare van quotes here.

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