How to Load Your Van Correctly

Whilst the rules and regulations for unloading a van are quite slack, the requirements for loading a van are quite strict. So here’s a quick guide to the specifics of loading a van.

Start with the common-sense rules

These are things like:

  • Don’t load your van at clearways or pedestrian crossings
  • Don’t load your van at double white lines
  • Never stop to load your van in an area where you can cause a dangerous obstruction e.g. on a bridge or on a corner

Follow the signs

Other restrictions will usually be clearly signed or marked. For example in urban areas you’ll notice pips along the kerb. Single pips signify no loading at certain times, whilst double pips show an absolute ban on loading in that area.

Keep an eye on the time

Don’t stop in a loading area for more than the permitted period of time. So when loading in an empty parking space, the general rule is no more than 20 minutes. But keep in mind that some areas specify when a van is allowed to load a van e.g. in London, the restriction is 20 minutes between 11a.m and 6.30p.m

Put it in writing

If you happen to be given a parking ticket, make sure you write down where it happened, when it happened, who signed it and any other details to do with the circumstances of getting the ticket. You’ll also need to prove that you were loading your van and so getting something in writing from your customer will be a great piece of evidence in support of your appeal.

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