How To Get The Best Van Insurance Deal

When it comes to getting a great van insurance deal, all that glitters is not gold...and the best van insurance policy isn’t always the cheapest.

Because as tempting as it can be to shop simply on price, the amount you save up front on monthly premiums could end up proving costly to you and your business months or years down the line.

So how do you choose the best van insurance for you?

Here are 5 essential questions to ask yourself of each policy you’re considering.

#1 What type of van insurance do you need?

There are 3 categories to consider:

  • Third party insurance - legal minimum level of insurance in the UK
  • Third party, fire and theft insurance - same as above, but covers theft, fire but not accidental damage
  • Comprehensive insurance - covers all of the above, including accidental damage

If you rely on your van for your work/livelihood, comprehensive insurance cover would be advisable. But bear in mind that not all fully comprehensive van insurance policies are created equal.

Which brings us to question #2.

#2 What’s covered by the van insurance policy?

The devil is in the detail. And you need to know the specific details of what’s covered by the insurance policy.

Now even though this process can seem quite tedious, the time you invest up front on this section will help you get the perfect van insurance policy, allowing you to operate your van with full peace of mind.

Things to look at include:

  • Van insurance policy excess
  • Breakdown and recovery cover
  • Replacement van services
  • Goods in transit cover
  • Sign writing and internal modifications exemptions

#3 How does the claims management process work?

Time is money. And the last thing a van operator wants is to lose time and money whilst waiting for an insurance claim to go through. Some van insurers will run 24-hour help a complete claims management service, but some won’t. Make sure you clarify this point with the insurance policy provider.

#4 Is this the best deal I can get at this price?

Once you’ve found a van insurance policy that offers you what you need, make sure you shop around. This is vital to help you ascertain whether you’ve got the best deal for the price you’ve paid. And the best part is that the increasing number of insurance comparison websites makes this process extremely easy to do. But again, resist the temptation to simply choose the results that offer the lowest price. Focus first on what you need, and then look at getting maximum value for however much you spend.

#5 Have I told the whole truth?

Always tell the complete truth on your insurance forms. Be completely transparent and as accurate as you can in your answers to your questions...because anything you don’t say can hurt you in the future should you need to make an insurance claim.

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