Honda Has Produced a 3D-Printed Van!

There has been a lot of talk recently about driverless vans and commercial vehicles with drones, but Honda has decided to invest in the future of vans in a different way - vehicle manufacturing.

Honda has proudly shown off a 2.5m Micro Commuter electric van that could be used as a lightweight delivery van. The van has been designed with the help of 3D printing firm Kabuku Inc. It has a pipe-frame chassis, the same Micro EV technology that the company uses in its MC-รŽห› ultra-compact electric vehicle, sold in Japan, and the majority of the van’s exterior panels are made using nifty 3D printing methods.

The Micro Commuter will be able to travel 50miles before recharging and can reach speeds of 43mph. The fact that much of it is made of paper means it weighs just 600kg.

So, what will it be used for? Well, Japanese Toshimaya Corp is planning to use it to deliver its dove-shaped shortbread. Would you invest in one for your business? You’d certainly need good insurance if you did.

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