Half of all vans over three years old are unroadworthy

Recent research carried out by the Freight Transport Association (FTA), has revealed the shocking statistic that half of all vans on UK roads which are more than three years old are unroadworthy.

This was the conclusion drawn by the FTA, after MOT test results revealed that just shy of 50 per cent of vans which were three years old or older had failed MOTs on the first time of asking.

With eyebrows of van operators raised by the research, leading vehicle hire company Europcar has offered its own two pennies worth, suggesting that businesses should look to vehicle rental as a more cost effective alternative.

A statement from Europcar car is urging businesses to consider van hire as not only a more cost effective alternative to running a fleet of older vans, but also as a safer and more flexible approach to fleet management.

Europcar believes the findings are indicative of a trend which has long existed within the industry – businesses are struggling to finance the purchase of new vans so are holding onto their vans for longer, often without having them properly maintained.

The Europcar UK Group Managing Director, Ken McCall, said: “Businesses adopting this approach to fleet management are creating a false economy at a time when cost reduction is all important. Older vans which are not properly maintained are more likely to breakdown or fail their MOT, creating additional expense further down the line.

“Rental provides a potential solution. Vans less than nine months old on average and which are maintained to the highest standard are available at short notice. This ensures a flexible fleet of vehicles which can be used as and when businesses need them.”

With the costs of running and maintaining a fleet of vans on the rise, could the market have changed to such an extent that hiring all or part of your fleet is now preferable to ownership?

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