Guy Martin Hits 165mph in a Ford Transit Van

Here at Van Compare, we’re all about safe driving and the correct van insurance cover. We don’t condone speeding, unless of course it is in a controlled racetrack manner. And we must admit, celeb thrill-seeker Guy Martin has impressed us with his most recent record break.

Guy Martin Put the Pedal to the Metal

In a recent challenge, motorcyclist Guy Martin took on the 90 mile Nevada Open Road Challenge; and with a few modifications to his three-year-old Ford Transit van he finished 14th in his class, averaging 150.7mph throughout the 36 minute ride.

The average top speed of this kind of Transit is 102 but, with changes from his expert team including turbos and a racing clutch, the speedster managed to hit 165mph. That’s the same top speed as a Ford Focus RS 2.3 Turbo and a Porsche Cayman 2.7.

Despite the amazingly quick time, it was just seconds slower than his target race time. His class’ winner got within a 100th of a second of his target time.

Stay Safe at All Speeds

We don’t expect you to be powering down the motorway at these speeds, however it is important to have the correct van insurance even if driving at 10mph. Compare quotes online here.

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