GoGoVan Makes Its Debut “App-pearance” In Singapore

From Angry Birds to booking a cab, it seems there’s an app for everything.

And riding on the success of cab booking app GrabTaxi, a Hong Kong based has released an app to make booking a goods vehicle at least as convenient.

The app is called GoGoVan, it connects customers with commercial vehicle drivers.

GoGoVan co-founder Steven Lam told The Business Times: “GoGoVan is an app that helps you book a professional driver - it can be a van or motorcycle or lorry - at any time of the day, instantly. ”

“We are literally the largest fleet (of commercial vehicles) in Hong Kong already, ” Mr Lam added.

Following the app’s soft launch in Singapore this week...with over 1,000 drivers showing interest in the app...the company’s goal is to get 30,000 drivers over the next six to ten months.

GoGoVan, which works based on location, first alerts the closest drivers to a request. The drivers can then choose to respond to it. And the app promises, at least in Hong Kong, a response time of 10 to 15 seconds.

“In Hong Kong and Singapore, vehicle ownership is not very high, and the cost of keeping it is also very high, so for a lot of passenger vehicle owners, when they need to move something, they are not going to use their own vehicle, but ask for help, ” Mr Lam said.

Whist it is establishing itself in Singapore, GoGoVan plans to roll out in other regions of Asia over the next few weeks, with a view to breaking into South-East Asia in the next six months.

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